On the first slide there is a horizontal white rectangle against a pink background, the white rectangle has reddish pink text that reads, ‘the key to happiness at first where is getting your size at first try here’s a guide to measuring your feet in order to get the size that works best for you’ There is a divider separating the above text, the divider is the same pink color as the background. The instructions numbered step one through seven are on a white background with a light pink frame, the text is a darker rose pink.   The instructions start with things you’ll need it reads, here’s what you’ll need: below it in Dash bullets we have measuring tape or a ruler, sheet of paper, writing utensil. To the right of the text in a circle frame is a photo of a pen an notepad and a measuring tape. Below the photo reads text that lists step one find a well lit area to measure, To the left of the instruction there is a clip art light bulb. To the left of the frame closest to the bottom is a photo of a flat measuring tape there is an arrow and the word zero marking the start of the measuring tape next to this photo read instructions for step two, place your measurement tool flat on the ground be sure to locate the zero measurement mark and start from there
At the top left of the white center frame there is a round photo where you’re able to see a person standing on the measuring tape, The foot is pointed towards the right hand side with the heel closest to measurement zero on the measuring tape, a hand with red nails points down to be big toe.  next to this photo reads ‘step number three stand up with your foot flat on the measurement tool’ flush to the left side of the frame, step four reads, measure the length from the back of the heel to the tip of your big toe.’ under the instruction there is a photo of a hand with a red nail finger on the 0, the back of the heel just touching the index finger. Under this photo there is a additional tip for step number for that reads, ‘start with your heel at zero to easily view the links stand on the tape placing your finger on the zero and scoot towards zero until you feel the back of your heel touch the finger job down the measurements in inches and centimeters.’
On the top left-hand side against the white frame, we have a circle cropped photo of a foot, under the foot you can see the measuring tape it is a close-up from above showing the width. Below and to the right side of the frame reads ‘step five: measure the width, locate the widest point usually near the ball of your foot and repeat step three remember to jot down your measurement.’ below the instructions is an image of a notepad with a pen, the notepad lists measurements length followed by width & lists shoe styles Robbie Haku Calista. Next to this image is a clip art laptop. Under these graphics is text reading ’ step six browse our site to find your dream shoes.’ Written in red text on a pink divider which matches the background is ‘step number seven most importantly before checking out please email our customer care with your measurements plus the shoes styles you’re interested in for sizing advice’ Below the text it lists our customer care email service@baitfootwear.com