text: 40’s Noir inspired styling photo on the left hand side under the title, dafna stands in a narrow alley, surrounded by stone archways & brightly colored doors, a bright contrast to dafna herself, standing center in all black with her pink hair in a voluminous updo. Her outfit consists of a lightly draped black 40’s dress, with a faux-leather belt, gloves which match the platform ‘Letty’ shoe. the above photo overlaps a mirrored, black & white photo on the upper right side.  text: @dafna_barel find her on your favorite social outlet & glance through her rose-tinged lens as a model, dog parent & hair stylist. photos by @vavo_a
text: seize the look. large photo running along the right side dafana leans her shoulder against a stone doorway, her eyes are looking up, both hands on her waist. dafna’s hair is in a bumper bang updo, dress with a square neckline accented by rhinestone dress clips, strong shoulders, faux-leather gloves & belt, draped hips, tea length straight skirt.   in text boxes down the left-side: bumper bangs updo with hair flowers, cat eye & red lip, dress clips, belted waist, gloves, ‘letty’ platform peep-toe pumps. Put together from hair-to-toe, visit Dafna’s Youtube for modern, tutorials for vintage looks including this bumper bangs tutorials.
photo: ann southern, eleanor powell 1941 in lady be good, two women stand close together on the steps of a building, both are wearing dark suiting, veiled hats & look attentively at one another.  a wonderful example of classic 40’s era tailoring, complete with veiled hat & gives, remember the details accessories are key.  close up photo of Letty on Dafna, accented by her tattoos of Dracula & Vampira
photo: flat lay from above, vertical stripe romper, small glossy jewelry bag holds gold jewelry in the top right corner, under it rests the ‘Remmy’ shoe style, a two-toned short blocky heel oxford in black & white. to the left of the shoes is a stack of books with a pair of sunglasses.  caption: two-toned shoes like our remmy oxford, gained popularity in women’s fashions during the 30’s & 40’s. oxfords & saddle shoes were inspired by athletic, man-tailored designs of the 20’s.   platforms like our ‘letty’ heel with stud details & cut-outs were al the rage in the 40’s & were worn with everything from tailored suit styles to soft sundresses.  photo: close up photo of ‘Letty’ navy blue peep toe platform with miniuture human toys picnic around the arch of the letty heel, photo by @uniquevintage. caption: letty’ in navy collaboration collection with unique vintage
photo: top- the bronx, 1947 three friends with fluffy 40’s hair, wearing similar short sleeve knee-length black dresses, sit on a low-rolling cart, with their legs level with their hips, with legs-crossed haphazardly at the ankle.  photo: bottom- harper’s bazaar, September 1942 two models stand a step-apart on stairs, leaning on a stone wall. both wear tailored suits, left hand resting against the wall on their low back, right arms hold a large clutch, legs cross at the ankle both are earring simple black pumps. standing in front of an stone & iron doorway in all black Dafna stands balanced on one leg streamlining her figure. behind her the gothic style door towers over Dafna. with one gloved hand resting on the stone doorframe at shoulder height, Dafna stands slightly leaning back with an arm on her hip looking into the camera.  photos by @vavo_a